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Wedding Secrets
Brides & Grooms are Unaware of:

Extreme Reliability & Ethics

I won't go into why, but for a few industry specific reasons ethics is not common in the DJ industry, just like it is in a number of other industries. The main thing to know is that even though this issue is not commonly known, you knowing about it can keep you from having a risky situation for your wedding.

Nearly all DJs are good people, but to work within the industry, it makes them do marginally questionalbe things. Just a few examples of this are:

Most DJs sub out less experienced and less skilled DJs to work under them, with some not informing the bride and groom what they're doing. These DJs sent out are paid maybe half of the money couples pay for their DJ, because the person doing the booking keeps the other half. Couples get less than what they're paying for. Under this industrywide practice, couples never will know what they're really going to get until the day of thier wedding, because some DJs won't tell couples they're sending out someone else.

every DJ I've ever known will work two weddings per day; both a morning/noon and evening/night wedding and most will never let brides and grooms know that they do this. Kiss quality and dependability goodbye!

Most DJs drink when DJing weddings, sometimes then saying things on the mic they shouldn't, playing music they shouldn't, and other related problems.

Most DJs do this work on the side as a supplement to a weekday job, so their DJ income isn't that important to them. They often cancel on couples and send back their deposit to do something else that came up that day. Some DJs do a lot of last minute cancellations on couples. And to point out just how common this is; about four hours ago I received a call from a groom frantically looking for a DJ for his wedding that's tomorrow, because the DJ he hired just cancelled on him. It's a common occurrence for me to get offers to go to BBQs, Birthdays, games and other fun events when I have a wedding coming up on the same day. I always politely decline the offer, but not all DJs do.

Last minute cancellations are also caused by couples going too low on the price for their DJ. The DJ likely didn't think it was worth it after all, so decided to cancel at the last minute. This work if done in a professional manner is very time consuming with all the prep work and very mentally and physically taxing. Just the prep work and the transporting the equipment, and setting it up and breaking it down is a big deal. I usually find that the fee payed by these couple who's DJ canceled on them was substantially below what a quality professional would charge.

I'm obsessed when it comes to ethics, such as I DJ all weddings myself, never sending someone else out to DJ weddings. I never DJ two weddings per day. I don't drink on the job, since I have to be 100% aware when working. This is my one and only job, so it is very important to me. I arrive to your venue or right near your venue three hours before the music is to start, this way I leave myself ample workaround time in case of some sort of hold up such as a road closure. There is no other DJ that runs their DJ business as ethically and reliably as I do. You have to have someone that you can really trust for your wedding reception.

Coordinating/Directing Your Reception

Twenty five years of DJing weddings has allowed me to developed the skill and expertise to effortlessly guide your reception in ways other DJs just can not. I will notice things that other DJs won't that will make a significant difference in maintaining the smooth progression of your reception. With me coordinating and guiding you two and your guests, you can relax, have fun, and have a great time with your friends and family.

Other DJs are not really wedding specialist the way I am, so they will miss many of the big and small details that I will not miss, some of these are behind the scene that won't be obvious and some will be very obvious. Other DJs just aren't capable of running your wedding in the skilled manor that I can.

Your Music Your Way

It's not uncommon to have a guest come up to me when I'm working a wedding reception and tell me about the issues they had at their wedding. The most common thing they say is that:

They tell me about how their DJ didn't play the music they wanted for their reception. Then after telling him to stick to the music they had planned on him playing, they say that their DJ just kept playing music they told him they didn't want. They then ask me if I know why this happened.

There are a couple of possible reasons why this happens so often:

Other DJs play for all types of events, not just wedding receptions like I do, so they get to play anything they want at these other type of events, and by default apparently that's what they end up doing at weddings too.

Another reason: Since it’s considered acceptable to drink while DJing wedding receptions, many DJs start drinking and playing the wrong music not fully realizing what they’re doing or not caring that the bride and groom didn't want that kind of music.

I guarantee your music selections will be played and the music at your reception fully customized to your personal tastes. After all, for 25 years I have DJed nothing but wedding receptions, so my habit is to design the music around each individual bride and groom. Also I never drink while working, so I’m always very aware of what I’m playing clear down to the last song of the reception.

A Real Professional At Your Side

With me as your DJ you get a true professional and specialist with weddings on call at any time to help you with any questions about your reception's steps, timing, and music. If you have a question about these things, I welcome your call or email throughout the planning period.

All other DJs are not accurate when they say they are a wedding expert or specialist; if you look closely you’ll see they DJ all types of events. Other DJs are known to not be easy to get hold of after you book them, often avoiding calls and not returning calls or emails. I am just the opposite, I welcome your calls at any time and respond rapidly to your emails and will use my professional experience to help you plan your wedding out. Most importantly, during your wedding I’m there as a professional at your side, helping you two that day in order to create a smooth running and fun reception.

The industrywide standard charge for hiring a DJ is set by DJs subcontracting and sending out other inexperienced DJs to weddings and events. So their fee is based on doing a large number of weddings and events every weekend, where they obviously then treat weddings as just another number. The more DJs they send out every weekend, the lower the rate they can charge and with this lower rate the more and attractive it is and the more wedding they book. Since the majority of DJs operate this way, this practice sets the standard expected fees for DJs, so the problem is that is not paying for a professional at a professional rate, so that's the kind of quality you'll get.

Great Cocktail Hour & Dining Music

The type sound equipment I utilize can reach an exceptionally clean, full, rich, and vibrant live-like sound even at the lower volume level necessary for these times. This way your family and guests can comfortably talk and visit with one another without being irritated or annoyed by music that is too loud. Your music will be comfortable, sound great, and liven up these times during your wedding day.

I have some great ideas for music for the cocktail hour and dining time on my Reception Music Planner, where I grouped together artists to create themes that you can select, or you can create your own theme or playlist for these times.

All Online & By Phone For Ease Of Use

I help so many out-of-state couples with their destination weddings here in California, that it has made it necessary to perfectly streamline my service, so that everything can be done by phone and online - everything from getting to know about my service prior to booking, the planning stage, and all final preparation and payment. This allows for better use of your time, more efficiency, and more constant contact over the period of time leading up to your wedding. I have my 20 years of experience wrapped up into the communication side of things by building the perfect online wedding music planners, where everything is nailed down perfectly, which is critical.

The planning of this part of your wedding is something that happens over a period of time leading up to your wedding, rather than something that would be knocked-out in an hour long meeting. Because of this, the way I have things set up with my online planners are perfect, user-friendly and extremely effective. The odds are good that you're going to be very busy leading up to your wedding date and in need of this type of service when things get hectic.

Quality Professional Sound Equipment

The sound equipment I use is selected for the unique and specific needs of wedding receptions; not for clubs, school dances, and other types events that other DJs play. Unlike other DJs I only DJ weddings receptions, so that's what I select my equipment for.

I use two laptops, playing from one with a second ready at all times to switch to for backup in case of failure. To do this
I utilize Apple Mac computers, because I can "clone" the primary computer's hard drive, which allows me to have your playlists open on both computers at the same time for total redundancy. I also provide higher-end Sennheiser professional wireless microphones, available for your toasting and speeches.

For speakers I use JBL 1000 watt powered speakers. JBL is the undisputed world's most used and respected speakers for live music events, preferred by more music artists for live music than any other speakers. JBL's sound quality and reliability cannot be beaten.

Some DJs use speakers that dispersed the sound volume evenly through the entire venue, but this is not what you want for a wedding reception during dance time. During dance time you want the sound to be focused on the dance floor where it belongs. I use speakers that are directional, which allows me to focus more of the volume on the dance floor when the music is turned up for dance time, this way those that are not dancing can sit at their tables can enjoy themselves by visiting.

I don’t skimp on quality. Too many DJs use old, ill suited, inappropriate looking equipment that should not be depended on for a wedding reception. After all, it needs to sound great because it’s your wedding and your wedding is a once in a life time event that can’t be redone. I go the mile to ensure dependability and esthetics by replacing my sound equipment every two years and using some of the best professional equipment available.