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I'm the Tehachapi Wedding DJ and throughout the years I’ve DJed over a thousand weddings with around a third being at venues such as the the Chateau Marmot, the Trump International Golf Resort, Disneyland, The Queen Mary, the Montecito Inn, and the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel, which for years exclusively used me as the only DJ they would recommend for wedding receptions.

The other two-thirds were at small local venues and backyards. I’ve also have had the pleasure of working with a number of well known actors and music artists for their weddings or their family's weddings.

Name any place in Southern California and I bet I’ve worked there at least once, but now days I like working close to home, so now I only cater to Tehachapi and closely surrounding areas. Also what's great is that I've greatly reduced my rates, making my service accessible to more brides and grooms.

Russ Messick Tehachapi Wedding DJ


A brief message from Russ….

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Service Features


Reasonable Rates

Rates well below what's normal for this high level of service and years of expertise.

20 Yrs of Weddings

Skills developed by DJing exclusively weddings for 20 years.

Wedding Appropriate Presentation

My unique style is wedding perfect; style of announcing & coordinating, music played, and presentation.

Never Subbing-out Weddings

I will be your DJ since I never sub-out jobs. It's a DJ industrywide practice to sub-out work.

Tasteful Announcing

Tasteful style of announcing; the right words and tonality. Never the tacky DJ style

Orchestrating Reception

I will arrange and coordinate every step of your reception, so you two can relax and enjoy your wedding day without problems.

Customizable Style

I play for all styles of receptions; casual, country, black tie, beach. 

Solid Reliability

I'm obsessive about reliability and punctuality, so your wedding will get the dependabiity it deserves.

Best Possible Wedding

My sole objective is you having the best possible wedding reception. You will love the level of service and expertise I will bring to your wedding.

Personalized Service

Personalized and customized service - you will get exactly what you want.


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