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Wedding Secrets
Brides & Grooms are Unaware of:

Extreme Reliability & Ethics

Most DJs I've met come across as good people, but working in this industry often makes even good people do ethically questionable things.

One issue is that many DJs sub-out other DJs to work under them, even with some not informing the bride and groom that someone else is going to show up to their wedding. These DJs sent out are usually paid less than half of the fee couples paid for their DJ. Couples often don't know what they're really going to get, because subbed-out DJs are sometimes not very experienced or professional.

Another issue is that nearly
every DJ I've ever known will work two weddings per day if they can book two. They will work a morning/noon and then an evening/night wedding. I know for a fact that they never let brides and grooms know that they're doing another wedding on their wedding day. Not so good for quality and dependability.

Another critical issue is that many DJs drink when working, because it's actually considered acceptable in this line of work. Two of the many problems with this is that DJs may say something on the mic that they shouldn't and or play music that they shouldn't.

Lastly, most DJs do this work on the side, as a way to make extra money on the weekends. Because of this it's not uncommon for couples to get cancelled on at the last minute, because something else that came up they'd rather do and since they're already making money off their main job?… With some DJs last minute cancellations are common, because after booking a wedding it's very common to be invited to BBQs, birthdays, friend's and family's weddings, funerals, ball games, concerts and other fun events that land on the same day.

Another cause of last minute cancellations are caused by couples budgeting too little money, and thinking they got a good DJ and a good deal. In this situation, the DJ they hired decided leading up to the wedding day that it really isn't worth it after all to do the wedding, so he decides to cancel.

This work if done right, with the right equipment and in a professional manner, is extremely energy and time consuming, considering all the prep work, how mentally and physically demanding it is, and very often a hectic stressful experience. Just the prep work, and the transporting the equipment, and setting it up and breaking it down are all a very big deal. I usually find that the fee paid by these couples who's DJ canceled on them was substantially below what a reliable and quality professional DJ would charge.

I'm obsessed when it comes to ethics, such as I DJ all receptions myself, never sending someone else out to DJ. I never DJ two receptions per day. I don't drink on the job, since I have to be 100% on that day and aware when working a reception. And most importantly, I have never cancelled on a bride and groom. I'm not aware of any other DJ that runs his service as ethically and reliably as I do. You have to have someone to DJ that you can fully trust with your wedding reception, so it's important to appropriate enough of your wedding budget for quality and expertise from a true professional if you have the financial ability to hire one.

Coordinating/Directing Your Reception

Over twenty years of DJing weddings has allowed me to developed the skill and expertise to effortlessly guide your reception in ways other DJs just can not. I will notice things that other DJs won't that will make a significant difference in maintaining the smooth progression of your reception. With me coordinating and guiding you two and your guests, you can relax, have fun, and have a great time with your friends and family.

Other DJs are not really wedding specialist the way I am, so they will miss many of the big and small details that I will not miss, some of these are behind the scene that won't be obvious and some will be very obvious. I'm not aware of any other DJ that is capable of running your wedding in the skilled manor that I can.

Your Music Your Way

When people hear what I do as a profession, I've commonly had people tell me about the problems they had with their DJ at their reception. The most common problem they tell me is that their DJ didn't play the music they asked him to play. They alway say that they submitted a playlist and sometimes even a do not playlist, but then at their reception he didn't go by any of the lists. They tell me how they kept going up to him and pleading or demanding that he stop playing the music they asked him not to play and to keep with the styles of music they wanted, and to no avail. They always say he just kept going back to playing what they didn't want played. There are in fact a couple of possible reasons why this happens so often:

DJs play for all types of events, not just wedding receptions, so they get to play anything they want at those other type of events, and by default apparently that's what they end up doing at weddings too.

Another possible reason is because it’s considered acceptable to drink while DJing wedding receptions, some DJs do in fact start drinking and playing the wrong music not fully realizing what they’re doing or not caring that the bride and groom didn't want a particular kind of music or songs played.

I guarantee your music selections will be played and the music at your reception fully customized to your personal tastes. After all, for over 20 years I have DJed wedding receptions, so my habit is to design the music around each individual bride and groom. Also I never drink while working, so I’m always aware of what I’m playing all the way down to the last dance.

True Expert & Specialst at Your Side

With me as your DJ you get a true expert and specialist with weddings to help you with any questions about your reception's steps, timing, and music. If you have a question about these things, I'm here to help.

All other DJs are not accurate when they say they are a wedding expert or specialist. If you look you’ll see they advertise for all types of events. Also most other DJs are known to not be easy to get hold of after you book them and not returning calls, texts or emails. I am just the opposite, I welcome your calls, texts or emails and respond rapidly, and will use my experience to help you plan out your wedding. Also important is that I’m there as a professional at your side the day of your wedding, helping you two to create a smooth running and fun reception.

It's important to know that the "industrywide standard fee" DJs charge is set by DJs subcontracting and sending out other often inexperienced DJs to receptions. So the standard DJ fee is based on doing multiple weddings on the same day. The more DJs they send out every weekend, the lower the rate they can charge and with this lower rate the more attractive the fee is and the more wedding they book.

Since the majority of DJs operate this way, this practice has set the standard industrywide fee lower than it should be. The problem with this is that the fee is not a professional rate, so that's the kind of quality you'll get, not professional

Professional Sound Equipment

Other DJs advertise for all types of events like school dances, parking lot grand openings, BBQs, etc., so their sound equipment does not look right for wedding receptions, does not put out the right type of sound that is best for wedding receptions, and sometimes is not reliable. Too often old, ill-suited, and inappropriate looking equipment is used.

The equipment used for your wedding needs to sound right , look right, and be very reliable. The sound equipment I use is specifically selected for the unique needs of receptions. Because it’s your wedding, I go the mile to ensure aesthetics, the right sound quality, and reliability of my sound equipment.

All Online & By Phone For Ease Of Use

I help many out-of-state couples with their destination weddings, so it has been necessary to perfectly streamline my service, so that everything can be done by phone and online. Such as everything from getting to know about my service, planning, and all final preparation and payment. This allows for better use of your time, more efficiency, and more constant contact over the period of time leading up to your wedding.

Planning this part of your wedding is something that happens over a period of time leading up to your wedding, rather than something that would be hammered-out in an hour long meeting. Because of this, the way I have everything setup with my online planner is perfectly user-friendly and extremely effective. You likely will be very busy leading up to your wedding date and in need of this type of service that I offer when things get hectic. Best of all, I really do welcome calls or texts with any questions or last minute directions or requests.